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suomi25 homo treffit mega meis

, and Economy relationship Venn diagram ) in Sustainability, and indirectly in Individual. ( talk ) 19:02, (UTC) I'd also like to thank User:meco for your edits to Biodiversity banking and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Annette Schwarz - Horse. Spyco 05:43, (UTC) I had a very enjoyable experience a moment or two ago. I know I can be critical of the collective body known as Arbcom. ( talk ) 01:57, (UTC) Thank you User:Epipelagic for your comments on Talk:Sustainability. This editor deserves a cup of tea and a sit down. I see them all the time blocking vandals, and helping Wikipedia. ( talk ) 05:01, (UTC) Thank you User:Dualus for your work on Occupy Wall Street. He is systematically going over thousands of business- and finance-related articles, improving each and every one of them.

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( talk ) 02:15, (UTC) May 2012 edit June 2012 edit Thank you User:Fentlehan for your contributions to William Nordhaus regarding climate change denial and the economics of global warming and climate change mitigation. Cernen 15:09, 19 December 2005 (UTC) Happy Christmas and everything else, everyone! I've heard it takes a deeply altruistic commitment to your field for an academic to tolerate the foibles of WP, and I can't thank you enough for doing. A nice cup of tea and a sit down is, in the spirit of, wikiLove, a chance to declare publicly what you appreciate about other members of the community or their contributions. It's really refreshing to see IP edits on my watchlist that aren't vandalism. Publicly declaring what you like about a person or their contributions. He deserves his adminship wholly. Erotiikka tampere seuraa rovaniemi. Anyway, I still wish to compliment everyone who demands accurate sourcing and all; I only disagree with the source paranoia that seems to be prevalent these days. suomi25 homo treffit mega meis

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suomi25 homo treffit mega meis ôD F 18:25, (UTC) "Thank you" to Scientizzle for being kind! It takes my mind off all the controversial, crazy-stuff; it keeps it real; back to editing real articles, coming up with solutions thought consensus and discussion, making Wikipedia just that little-bit-better. Suomalainen seksi chat big brother seksiä 817 live puhelinseksi erektio. I have noticed this editor helping to solve problems at ANI and working on BLP concerns. I hope that the MFD does not tear the community apart, and I wish goodwill for all contributors.
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So have a cup of your favorite tea (herbal or caffeinated). Tädin isot tissit live sex chat. Suomi24 seksi novellit Seksi. I promise to pull more weight around here from now. Treffit iskuri ilmaiset suomi seksivideot / Deitti naantali Ilmaista sex ilmaiset seksivideo iskuri tarinat Thai seksi aikuisviihde ilmainen 100 ilmaiset seksivideot ja seksikuvia - MinuPorno Ilmaisia seksivideo seksi kauppa iskuri tarinat Sex work finland tissit kiinnostaa / Ejakuloi sybian Joulukuu ilmainen suomalainen seksi iskuri treffit. I just completed expanding and referencing Zero (Mega Man) and Mega Man X (character) (with proper citations even!) after they failed GA status about a month ago. A great way to end my day. Panokaveria seksi novellit raju rakastelu poika porno teeng karvainen pillu junppa tube aasialais nainen lothar bileet turku sexwork eveliina porn video nainnista best mumm porn lihava teini pojan muna kuva suomalaiset naisnäyttelijät alasti pillu keskustelu Herkku tarina serkun nussiminen puumanainen tuusulan tussut auki. ( talk ) 06:20, (UTC) Thank you for your contributions to Occupy Wall Street. Thank you being interested in the welfare of Wikipedia. Even editors I have clashed with have their good sides: Born Gay, for example, does hear what is said, and when we have disagreed, I have found him accommodating some aspect of my point after a few days. Even if we disagree sometimes, you're all right in my book. .

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) Pie is good (Apple is the best) 16:15, (UTC) This is in praise and appreciation for User:Nrswanson. Vaarsivius ( Talk. Phyesalis ( talk ) 04:32, (UTC) I'm impressed by Jayjg 's courtesy in responding to a variety of talk page messages, and I think I've managed to raise the civility level of my own contributions a notch or two by following the user's example. Recently, the issue was exacerbated by vandalism on the Ted Kennedy article (among at least one other that I can think of). I feel quite optimistic about the latter two, so I'll re-summit them for GA status. ( talk ) 05:07, (UTC) For your attempted additions to Equinox Summit: Energy 2030, thank you User:Mjl0202. Rosa 07:23, (UTC) Evrik, believe it or not, I do understand what you were trying to do with the PUA's. Rich and BobRayner for your contributions on Talk:Criticism of capitalism regarding climate change ( global warming ) as the greatest example of market failure we have ever seen. See what I have done 00:36, (UTC) July 2015 edit Carnism article edit @ Sammy1339 : Thanks so much for everything you've done to rescue, build, and improve the article, and for your great patience in talking through 13 and many more picayune quibbles. You are all great for watching this quiet, comfy little corner of Wikipedia, and it is so nice to see the encouragement and support offered here. By the way, "drinking tea " in a not-so-metaphorical sense is also good for Wikipedians. ( talk ) 00:35, (UTC) Thank you to Special:Contributions/ for your contribution to Talk:Evangelical environmentalism and bric. ) 18:30, (UTC) Thank you User:SusanLesch for your attempted contributions to Koch Industries. Fléêfläm U - T - C 23:20, (UTC) I'd like to thank Phyesalis for patiently continuing in a long dispute resolution process, and for acknowledging diversity of opinion. Truly, you are an expert among experts. ( Stern Review ) in the Naomi Klein article. M essecker ( talk ) 00:10, 25 December 2005 (UTC) I'd like to thank User:FrancisTyers for his kind and efficient transformation of my first first draft and for making me feel welcome at Wikipedia. Lightbound talk 22:18, (UTC) Thank you for the kind words, and can I say that it is refreshing to be involved in a discussion that did not go the way of all flesh. Midorihana (talk) (contribs) 05:42, (UTC) Phaedriel is one of the finest Wikipedians in terms of brilliant and tireless contributions and one of the nicest personalities ever. Not only does it chronicle his numerous contributions to this community (which make mine pale in comparison but it's actually is a fantastic list of resources/information covering the gamut of the performing arts. Hieronta sörnäinen suomi24 treffit mobiili. ( talk ) 04:43, (UTC) November 2010 edit December 20 edit January 2011 edit Thank you User:In fact for your thoughtful comments on, regarding the Special:Contributions/, such as contributions to Bruce Ackerman, Paul Collier, Vaclav Smil, Lester. ( talk ) 20:16, (UTC) Art, thanks for adding Mark Bowen's 2008 book Censoring Science to James Hansen 's page. R e dwolf24 ( talk ) 04:43, 11 November 2005 (UTC) Agree to what you've said. ( talk ) 02:34, (UTC) Much applause to User:Willscrlt and all the outstanding work he's done with category suppresion. ( talk ) 01:31, (UTC) Thank you User:AstroHurricane001 for your addition of Anthropocene to the Effects of global warming. If you get the urge salo sex suomi24 treffit homoseksuaaliseen kirjautuminen to say something like "I think that such-and-such has worked really hard on Wikipedia, but. suomi25 homo treffit mega meis

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  1. ( talk ) 21:47, (UTC) February 2012 edit March 2012 edit April 2012 edit Thanks Sandstein for notifying me when things got a little bit out of hand.

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